Alarm Annunciators

ME3011b alarm annunciators count with most modern and demanding communication and event registering features along with traditional alarm annunciating functions, as usual in power systems.

Its programming can be done via configuration software or via its front push buttons. It counts with two communication ports, where one is of RS232 type, appropriate for online programming and visualization, and the other is of the RS485 type, which runs Modbus protocol; this second port is used for automation system connection.

Connected in a network, the ME3011 is an excellent option of digital inputs coupled to an efficient signaling interface in an automated system.

Main ME3011b features:

  • 4 to 252 points modularity;
  • Several field and supply voltages;
  • Software configurable;
  • RS232 and RS485 communication ports;
  • Event registering (2.5 ms sampling and 1 ms resolution) and GPS synchronization.
  • Optocoupled input galvanic insulation;
  • Integrated single or dual power supply;