Digital Meters

M&W Digital Panel Meters (DPMs) and Counters provide cost-effective for virtually all switchboard, instrument, laboratory and process control applications. The family offers specifications from simple digital indicators to fully programmable multi-function indicator/controller models with powerful interface facilities.

Using a modular construction enables these DPMs to offer optional features such as set-point limits with switched digital or relay outputs and analogue, serial or parallel BCD data outputs. The analogue, digital and relay outputs enable simple, cost-effective, automation control and interface functions. Models with serial or BCD output facilities can communicate with PCs or PLCs for use in more sophisticated remote control or data-acquisition system applications

DPM versions are available for all measuring input signals: DC or AC voltage and current, thermocouples or Pt 100 sensors and resistance measurement. Some models also feature extensive non-linear and user defined scaling facilities. Their high quality construction uses DIN 43700 standard case sizes having standard 48 x 96 mm or low-profile 24 x 96 mm bezel sizes. The standard display format uses red LEDs, with up to five digits for high-resolution applications.

Large digits, up to 20 mm in height, are available, as well as LCD or green LED display options for some models.Power supply options cover all standard DC or AC requirements and some units feature a wide-range universal DC/AC power supply.

In short, M&W DPMs offer comprehensive and competitively priced solutions for all modern applications.