Digital Power Meters

Digital Power Meters or Smart Meters.
Our Digital Power Meters are programmable and may be used for the measurement of almost all quantities of an electrical power system. The application (system configuration) as well as the behaviour of the analog and digital outputs are software configurable. The measurand acquisition via programming or bus interface during normal operation is also supported.

  • Data logger now with 250.000 entries
  • RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces included
  • Versions available for PROFIBUS, Modbus, LON and Ethernet
  • Minimal installation depth of less than 60 mm
  • Adjustable voltage and current transformer ratios
  • A single device for 1 A and 5 A current transformers
  • Limit value and analog outputs included as standard equipment
  • Pulse outputs
  • 2 pulse outputs for read-out of active and reactive energy Data memory for continuous recording of measurement values, or for events recording - 8 years puffered
  • List of 98 available measuring quantities
  • Additional range of power supply 20 .. 27 VAC / 45 ... 450 Hz and 20 ... 36V DC