Large Screen Display System

In addition to conventional mosaic systems, screen visualization and operation, we also offer large-screen visualization systems as optimal alternative or complementary technology. State-of-the-art graphical representation makes our large-screen visualization systems well suitable for a variety of applications in many fields of industry. Our highly professional control room design and modernization service which includes all major functionalities like air conditioning, lighting, acoustics, furnishing and flooring, extends this product range and allows individual design solutions for industrial control rooms, power station control rooms, grid control centers, monitoring centers, traffic management centers, assessment centers, conference rooms, sport facilities, show-rooms, etc..

The video wall is set up with our Cubes or LCD monitors, depending on the requirements of your application. The information management for indirect connection is handled by high-quality cross bar systems, streamers, standard audio and video devices or video wall controllers. Normally the solution consists of a combination of these components. If the following examples do not represent your specific application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Helmut Mauell GmbH offers flexible large-screen visualization solutions based on DLPTM technology of Texas Instruments Corporation or large-size LCD color monitors for many fields of application. There are various possibilities to establish the connection between the application and a ME multiView large-screen projection wall. The main emphasis, however, is placed on meeting operator needs and a user interface that is easy to handle and in line with new ergonomic standards. We reach this goal by providing flexible, future-oriented system solutions implemented in close cooperation with our customers.

A wide variety of ME multiView visualization systems is available to take the continuing innovation in information processing and large-screen projection technology into account and meet the increasing demand for flexible solutions. The individual possibilities for the design, modernization or retrofitting of video walls are virtually unlimited.