Power Transducers

These families of electrical transducers converts electrical power system or process control inputs into standard electrical outputs.

The use of transducers is particularly recommended for power generation and distribution applications where they provide isolated output signals that are generally unaffected by electrical interference even over long distances.

Single phase and Three phase versions are available for the different electrical and process values including: AC voltage/-current, AC voltage/-current, frequency, power, power factor, temperature or resistance.

The standard transducer output signals (e. g. 0/4 to 20mA) are essentially independent of the load resistance. This means they can be connected to remote analogue or digital instruments, and / or logging devices to display and / or record the variable values. All models in this family feature outputs with galvanic isolation.

  • Aux electrical power versions include; self-powered, AC powered, DC powered.
  • Mutli-function programmable transducers.
  • Serial communication output.