Process Transmitters

Secure communication is of the highest priority in process engineering. Reliable and faultless recording and transmission of physical variables must be safeguarded also under severe ambient conditions at any time.

Temperature is the most important variable in process engineering. A wide range of transmitters in different designs and for all common sensors is extended to the top by our expandable control systems.

We provide an extensive program for the safe separation, conversion and amplification of signals - also in the Ex area - as links between the actual physical process and the distributed control system. Safety is of paramount importance for us also in this respect.

These semaphores indicators are commonly used in situations that require visual simulation of the circuit or operating state of a device and indication of the fault position in addition to the ON and OFF positions. The Gossen ST semaphore indicators are particularly suitable for monitoring power breakers and disconnectors in complex transformer substations which are represented in the form of a mimic diagram of relatively small dimensions. s are also used for monitoring slides, valves, etc. in supervisory flow diagrams.

The indicators are available in analog and digital LED indication. Mosaic mounting is also available.