Panel Metering, VTs and CTs, Signal Conversion and Relays

Analogue and Digital Panel Mount Meter either direct measurement or via transducer operated meter. Available for all electrical power measurement, process measurement and others.

Also Digital Programmable Multifunction Meter (DPM/DMM/DMFM)

  • Suitable for Marine, Oil & Gas, Utility and Industry standard.
  • Option for IP65 and others.
  • Applicable standards such as IEC, BS, DIN and ANSI
  • IEC/DIN sizes 48mm, 72mm, 96mm, 144mm.
  • Also available Synchronisation instrument.
  • Special feature such as relay output and etc.

All type of Voltage and Current Transformers for LV/MV and HT ranging from Cast Resin to Ring type epoxy or PVC.

Measurement of electrical and power parameters via Transducer/ signal conversion for all types.

  • Available programmable Multifunction Transducers with 1/2/3/4-Outputs and communication port interface.

General application relays such as Voltage, Current, Frequency monitoring, Timer Relays, Latching Relays, Auxiliary Relays and Contactors, Annunciation Relays, Safety Relays, PCB Relays

Control Relay Panels components such as Mosaic Mimic, Annunciators, Semaphore/Switch Position Indicators.