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Integrated Control Room Technology
  • Supply, design, install of ergonomic Technical furniture, Console system that meets aesthetic and functionality.
  • Ergonomically designed Control Room as per EN ISO 11064-part3, due consideration for task analysis, lighting luminance, distance, configuration of tech furniture.
  • Video Wall/ Large Screen Display System (LSDS)/ Large Screen Projection System (LSPS) for process management, crisis control and overall management and control system
  • Mosaic Mimic Display System as an alternative for Power Station and Critical management and Control System.
  • Critical functional 24/7 with minimal downtime for all sub-systems of Control room.

Centralize & Energy Monitoring System

System development to enhance efficiency of electrical energy utilization, analysis and conservation. Able to perform Auto Meter Reading (AMR) for billing and hosts of analysis of consumption toward “Green Energy” where effective utilization of power is the key word.

Master Clocks & Time Synchronization System

Provision of Time Synchronization for critical industries such as transportation hub where critical and synchronize scheduling is required. Revenue industries such as Banks, Finance and Trading Hub. Utilities billing and Monitoring for critical time stamp.

Competition such as critical time for start match and end match such as Stadium, Race Circuit and etc

Critical time for human and resource management such as production facilities and huge offices,complexes

Critical time for operating theater, surgical and medical fields

We are able to either supply, design, install, test and commission and train effective time usage, clock systems and Time synchronization.

Available analogue and digital time and clocks

Wireless Transceiver Control System

Where physical cabling medium is an issue for remote and highly rugged terrain, a wrireless transceiver is an effective solution for industrial signal such as transducer signal or industrial protocol gateway is used

Other than that, we have Radio Modem with industrial grade.

Highly secure system design for indoor and outdoor application