Transformers & Shunts

A wide range of current transformers and DC shunts for AC and DC electrical power measuring, monitoring and control. All transformers and shunts are constructed from highly grade materials and are individually tested for compliance.

  • Ring type or primary wound
  • Encapsulated cuurent transformer
  • Measuring or protection with accuracy of 0.2, 0.5, 1, 3, 5P10, 10P10, etc
  • Summation current transformer
  • Saturation current transfomer
  • Split Core current transformer
  • Conforms to IEC44-1. IEC 185, and BS7626
  • Rated system voltage 0.72/3KV
  • Dielectric voltage 2.5KV rms
  • 60mV and 100mV shunts available